Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend ♡

Hello Lovelies~

This friday I had a reason to dress up a little. Since one of my friends was throwing a party!
Had a very good evening/night and met some I haven't seen for a while. The only thing that was a kinda sad was that I couldn't go all in party mode, since I was working the day after. 

It was a good party in many ways, BUT one thing really pissed me off... One douche stole/drank like half of my Midori? Seriously you dont steal other peoples alcohol... -__-' 

Tho one thing that made my really happy! Two girls there said I looked like Park Boom *_* So sweet~ 

Anyways~ here are two pictures of my look of that night!

Rest of the weekend it was just work for me~ Gotta work as much as I can now before I go to Florida!
Or.. it wasn't just "only work" for me, because me, Robert, Rickard and his girlfriend Asmin had a board gaming night. We played Betrayal at house on the hill, think I've mention it before~ 

Shopping at Loveshoppingholics & Julia Boutique.

I.Fairy Super Crystal - Brown
I thought it was about time to get some new circle lenses now when summer comes! I've wanted to try these brown lenses for such a long time but been very curious on the color. But when I saw Lin's review on them, I fell in love with the color! Hope the look pretty on me too ^^'
Geo Super Size Angel Grey
This series is one of my favourite when it comes to circle lenses! I love the design and they are very good on light eyes. I've tried brown and green before, so now i'm gonna give the grey ones a shot! 

Julia Boutique
Dress in E, also got the headband in the same color (B) to match up with the dress!

Casual Maxi Dress in Lilac and High waist Shorts in Light Pink!

Julia Boutique are one of my personal favourites stores on Rakuten, unfortunely they dont ship with the regular way. You need to use both Rakuten and Tenso to shop from them!
The thing I like most with them is that most of their things are from STELLA!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Koji Eyelashes Charming Kiss

      No.1 It's Magic                           No.3 Go for it                           No.4 Cute Story

No.2 Always Happy                      No.5 My Steady                      No.6 My Twiggy

No.7 I Love Pink                     No.8 Positive Life

Find them on Pinkyparadise!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Princess Pinky Radiance (Pinkyparadise)

       Hazel                                  Honey Brown

  Grey                                              Blue

Click here to visit their offical page!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Just another day~

Hi there~! 
Walpurgis have passed and I sure had a great one! With lots of friends and alcohol haha~

I've also working a lot lately, which is awesome since I'm going to America very soon. It's almost just 1,5 month left o_o
It feels really weird in a good way. I dont think I realized yet.

So uhm... if there's anyone living in Florida who liked to show me around and hang out, i'm up for it! ^^

Anyway~ So today we had a meeting this morning at work, talking about various things. And our boss had bought super delicious sandwiches to all of us *-* She is so kind and lovely (^^)

I had a very short day today, so I went for a walk home and got myself a banana ice cream. Literally a banana ice cream. It's new for this year so I just had to try it! And meeh... cant say the skin were that tasty... But the ice cream inside were really yummi!

When I got home, I slept almost the whole day. My sleeping schedule is so fucked up... Do anyone of you have any good tips for sleeping problems? Or in my case, do you have any tips for sleeping less? Because I sleep way too much :|

well well.. i'm off! Bai Bai~

Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Easter!

Hello Lovelies!

Last week Easter bloomed up and ended so quickly... And I woorked almost the whole Easter. Guess that why I think it ended so fast. 

At least I had a good Easter with lots of food and candy! Spent it with my mom, sister and my grandparents. 
I really enjoy the Easter holidays, because during and after the spring has really bloomed up. Or most of the times... You cant really trust Sweden and it's weather >_>'
But this year we had a very sunny and warm holiday! 
How do you spend Easter in your country? Do you have any special events? I'm curious, so feel free to write a comment ^^ 

Cottontail Teemo for everyone <3

Here's some pictures from my weekend! 

Outfit from one of the days~

Egg painting!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Recent Shopping - Mini Haul!

Thought I should post some of my recent shopping!
I feel like I'm totally in for a change when it comes to my closet. I mean I still cute frilly stuff, but I mix it more with a dark hint now! There's so much that inspires me atm... I just dont want to be bound to one style. I just wear whatever I feel like! And that's pretty much it I guess. I dont really care if people have anything against how I dress, as long as I'm happy with what I wear ^^

Let's start with some beauty gets!
Fairy Lash - Barbie Eye
EOS Lip Balm - Strawberry Sorbet 
ETUDE HOUSE - Eye's Cream (Mint Cooling)
ETUDE HOUSE - Wonder Pore (Freshner) 

Thinking of making a review of the Eye's Cream because it's one of my fav products from Etude House. Love it so much! It's the second time I buy it now :3

Short Blazer from Vila!

Lilac Peplum top from Gina Tricot!

Cardigan/Jacket from Gina Tricot. Love this print, it's perfect. I'm Done! 

Silver Chain Necklace form Gina Tricot/ Skull & Cross Necklace from Ebay

Badass Looking shoes from Din Sko!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Mushroom hunting!

Hello everyone~! 
Today I had a day off, so me and mom went out after dinner to hunt for some mushrooms.
Because we are going to my grandparents tomorrow and celebrate easter! So these mushrooms will be a little gift to them (^^)

Cant wait to eat all the good food we are having tomorrow! *-* It's almost the same as we have on Christmas, but it's soooo good!

I actually enjoy walking in the forest. I just love to explore all the little things and all the details you can find in the forest. Everything is so beautiful and mystical. I just love watching magical forest/botanical picutres on tumblr, find it so relaxing. I need to be in forest more...
Used to play a lot by myself in the woods when I was a kid ^^

Now when spring clearly starts to show itself, you can find so many awesome flowers! Like this one, no idea what it's called.. But it looks very cool @@ Almost like an octopus tentacle!

This one is also very pretty one, it's called "Blåsippa" in Swedish! It's an endangered flower here. Very cute and innocent looking.. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

My weekend!

Hello Lovelies~! 

Did you have a good weekend?
Atleast I had!
Friday night I went to a party at my friends house. Had a good time there, and I also made some awesome drinks for myself hehe. Since spring is coming i decided to bring a Mojito bottle, it's such a nice drink during spring and summer. Because it's very refreshing!

Here's a picture from that night~
I just love having my bangs this short, over my eyebrows. It's so pretty! ^^
And I also got myself a new choker with a beautiful rhinestone~

 On saturday I randomly started up C9 to just check some stuff. And then I saw that Witchblade now has a new new class, called Nightstalker! So I watched the trailer and got so excited that I just had to create a new one. And here she is my own Nightstalker Linaria ^^
Or.. this is just a picture from the "create character". She has more badass gear now hehe~ 

Here's the trailer for the new class! 
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