Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend ♡

Hello Lovelies~

This friday I had a reason to dress up a little. Since one of my friends was throwing a party!
Had a very good evening/night and met some I haven't seen for a while. The only thing that was a kinda sad was that I couldn't go all in party mode, since I was working the day after. 

It was a good party in many ways, BUT one thing really pissed me off... One douche stole/drank like half of my Midori? Seriously you dont steal other peoples alcohol... -__-' 

Tho one thing that made my really happy! Two girls there said I looked like Park Boom *_* So sweet~ 

Anyways~ here are two pictures of my look of that night!

Rest of the weekend it was just work for me~ Gotta work as much as I can now before I go to Florida!
Or.. it wasn't just "only work" for me, because me, Robert, Rickard and his girlfriend Asmin had a board gaming night. We played Betrayal at house on the hill, think I've mention it before~ 


  1. I love your photos!!! You are such a cutie!!!!!! And even without makeup or with less you are still so gorgeous!!! HOW!?? love you!!! hugs,

  2. I love your hair, so beautiful ^^

    恵美より ♥

  3. Owww *-*
    You are veryyy cute *-*


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